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Here's the scoop...

July 3, 2003
Links for Hem and ATWT have been added.
May 11, 2003
Another *Emily Quote* page has been added with more quotes thanks to Andrea! :-)
April 16,
A fan encounter and pictures have been added.
April 14
An Aaron & Lucy site has been added to the links page, a Hensley article and a link to the 47th anniversary party has been added in the articles and pages forums.
March 9
Emily Quotes were added and a fan encounter.
March 6
The first "Emily Quotable" was added.
March 1
The "Holden Quotables" page and the "Emily Quotables" page was added. The first "Holden Quotable" was added.
February 9
Jon and Kelley's e-mail was added.

Jan. 8, '03
A *Hal & Em* link has been added over in the links page.
Dec. 29, '02
A Roundup question from SOD has been added to the Misc. Articles and a few pictures.

Dec. 2, '02
A new article and video has been added to the articles page, it is mainly a *Kelley article.*  :-)


The above link is the link to our chatroom here at HensleyWorld.  We will be putting chat announcements here as well.


Check out the fan encoutner page for this years ATWT fan luncheon meetings.
Check out the latest CBS SID (July 15th, 2003) issue for some great Hensley Family pics!
Any news on the Jon & Kelley (via reliable sources) will be posted here.

Click picture to visit ATWT @ soapcity

This site is an unofficial site, it is run by fans for fans of Kelley and Jon.  We are not associated with either one, ATWT, CBS or P&G.  Thank you