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The following information is sections of dialogue from Kelley M. Hensley's, ATWT character Emily Stewart Munson.
...Courtesy of Carrie from Hensley_World group...

Hal has confronted Emily about going to Chicago with Chris, in the

You are where I park my life, my heart. And, come on, I
brought Daniel to live with us. He adores you. And we've had our
bumps along the way, right? But we knew that going in. And we've got
history and baggage, and all kinds of people gunning for us. I mean,
it's a miracle we still like each other. We do still like each

Hal: Mm. (long kiss!) That answer your question.

Oh, if I didn't have to go down to that courthouse right
now --

Ah, that's what they all say. Ooh. I'll see you later.

Emily: Mm. Count on it. Oh!

Thanks to Andrea from the HensleyWorld Yahoo group....
June 4, 2001-(Emily in Hal's kitchen the night she drove him home drunk from the Java Underground)
  You smell like the bathtub the gin was made in Hal!

June 11, 2001-(Hal and Emily are doing some flirting at the Lakeview)
  I guess it's the same with cops.  I mean, anytime anybody asks me
for the time, I tell em' to assume the position.
Emily:  Which position?

EmilyI am not sleeping with Craig Montgomery!
Hal:  I didn't ask you that!
Emily:  Well, you know, I had a feeling you would so why not cover all
bases?  And by the way, no sex includes no kissing, hand holding,
touching, teasing, taunting, and of course no lap dancing!

Emily:(to Hal)You are lookin' at you moral high ground.  Now do you
believe me?  Now do you see how low you have sunk?

Hal:  Hey listen.  You keep on giving me good advice like this, I'm
gonna find something nicer to do for you then just a couple of drinks.
Emily:  Really?  I hear Paris is beautiful this time of year.

June 22, 2001-(Carly comes over and sees Emily helping out Hal's kids)
  Hal must be out of his mind to let you into his house.
Emily:  He must be.  He married you, didn't he?
Carly:  You just stay away from my son.
Emily:  Fine, fine.  The next time he's thirsty and you're shacked up
with Jack Snyder, I'll leave a message on your voice mail to come and pour the juice yourself

Emily:  Carly, I realize a day's work is a foreign concept to you, but
Craig loved my work.

Emily:(to Hal)Oh, come on, don't look at me with those bassett hound
eyes of yours!

Emily:(to Hal whom has just thanked her for being so kind to his
Oh no, no, no, don't you go soft on me.  I'm not nice. I am not so
nice.  I don't even like the word "nice".  Trust me.

July 3, 2001-(Hal and Emily are in Hal's kitchen discussing the
possibility that Craig didn't plant the boathouse bomb)

Emily:(about Craig)Hey, the guy couldn't find a dipstick in his car,
much less construct a bomb.

Hal:  Barbara didn't have any real enemies.
Emily:  You're kidding right?

July 5, 2001-(Hal and Emily at Al's dinner talking about the boathouse
bombing, and the fact maybe Jack should take over the case)
  Jack?  Jack's got his head buried so deep in you-know-who's-you-know-what.
Hal:  So, the boys in love.
Emily:  The boy's brain is dead, so that leaves you.

July 6, 2001-(Emily has just found out somethings she didn't know about Tom Hughes)
  Tom Hughes-yeah he was special forces in 'Nam.
Emily:  You knew?
Hal:  Yeah, I knew, didn't you?  I mean you-
Emily:  Worked with the guy, slept with him, had his kid, and still
special forces, really?

July 11, 2001-(Emily is having some fun with Isaac at Java Underground when he suspects there is more than just friendship between Hal and Emily)
Emily:(about the night she drove Hal home to Isaac)
  Oh no, no, no, I
got him all liquored up, then I had my way with him swinging from his

Tom:  What reason would the CIA have to try and kill Barbara Ryan?
Emily:  I don't know, maybe they don't like pashminas.


July 27, 2001-(Hal has just reacted to Em saying "I love you" to him
but she says she only said it because no matter what the other person's
response is, it makes one react no matter what)
No, I never mean anything. That's the secret of my success.

July 30, 2001:
Emily:(about Barbara)-
And to make matters worse, she dissolved a
marriage of years where there were children involved in about the same amount of time it takes to get your nails done.

August 2, 2001:
Emily:(talking about her mom Susan who wouldn't like her investigating a case if someone was trying to hurt her)-My mother already thinks "The Intruder" should be sold wrapped in brown paper behind a counter with an 18-year-old age limit.

August 6, 2001:
Emily:(about Kim and Nancy who were making snide remarks about the fact Hal let Em stay the night after she was attacked)-
Taking out the garbage, huh? Too bad you can't toss Kim and Nancy into that bag, huh?
Hal: People must have really wanted to kick your butt when you were a
Emily: Yeah, well, I could always out run them.

August 15, 2001:(Emily and Margo doing their usual sparring.  Emily is mad that Margo is arresting the wrong person in the boathouse

Emily: Margo. I'd say this was a pleasant surprise, but I'd be lying,
wouldn't I?
Margo: Emily -- but what are you still doing here, Emily? I thought
you'd be down at the paper, putting your own unique spin on the trial --
"invading Martians made Craig do it."

Margo: Is Hal here? I've got to talk to him.
Emily: No, he's not home, but if you let yourself out, maybe I'll tell
him when he gets back.

Margo: Emily, would you please stop telling me how to do my job.
Emily: Well, I wouldn't have to if you knew how to do it.

August 16, 2001:(Emily responding to Dr. Michaels at the psych ward who won't give out any information about Julia Snyder or Owen Dever)
Emily: Okay, all right. Wait, wait. Just listen up. Some nutcase with a
gut full of Thorazine tried to separate my head from the rest of my body.
Does this bother you in any way?

(Emily and Hal talking to the landlady of Owen Dever's apartment

Landlady: So you're tellin' me he's wanted instead? You two are fishier
than a can of sardines. You and this bottled blonde bimbo better get outta my hallway before I call the real cops!
Emily: Bottled blonde -- listen up, lady!

August 17, 2001:
Emily:(about the boathouse bomber Owen Dever)-So, how many bodies do you think he's got stuffed in that fridge?

August 22, 2001:
Emily:(to Hal about her article in the "Intruder" about the conclusion of the boathouse bombing)-
Wow! I mean, if work makes me feel this good, who needs a man?

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