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*Emily Quotes*

Thanks to Andrea....
September 5, 2001-(Hal comments on Emily's looks when she arrives for their first date which Hal was going to cancel to take care of Parker)
Hal: You look -- beautiful.
Emily: Yeah, so beautiful I get stood up for a redhead.

September 6, 2001-(Emily comments on how her first date with Hal didn't go very well, and why)
Emily: I was here in my brand new dress --
Hal: Oh, killer dress, I might add.
Emily: On my best behavior. All for a man whose last date was some time in the early '80s? I should've known.

(Hal commenting on how even though the first date didn't go so well,
they shouldn't give up)
Hal: Hold it, hold it. We hit one little stumbling block and you're
ready to throw in the towel? This does not sound like the Emily Stewart I know.
Emily: Oh, what Emily Stewart do you know? And you better be nice!

(Emily referring to her suggestion she hire Carly, an idea she got from
Craig which Hal did not like)
Emily: No, no, you went ballistic, Hal. One innocent little comment
from me, I thought you were going to toss me on the barbecue.

Hal: So when you started going on and on about how he was going to hire Carly, give her a job here so she could stay in town, what I should
have done was just excuse myself from that table, gotten up, come in here, and just waited until you stopped yammering on about him.
Emily: Excuse me, I wasn't yammering about Craig, I was yammering about Car -- I was talking about Carly.

Emily: You're right. I could care less about Carly. I don't care if she
works in Oakdale or Chicago or Mississippi or the dark side of the

September 21, 2001-(Paul and Carly approach Hal and Emily at the
Lakeview on their second date)
Hal: Carly. And Paul.
Emily: Curiouser and curiouser.

(Hal is upset with Emily that Craig had Carly interview Barbara about
BRO, but Emily reminds him about how it's her job to print good stories)
Emily: You knew that when you let me into your life. So Im not Polly
Pureheart, okay? But I'm not the devil, either, Hal.

(Jennifer comes home and Emily can tell something is different about
Jennifer: I slept with somebody tonight.
Emily: Not Bryant?
Jennifer: No. Bryant's cousin.
Emily: Oh. Well, that's a classic Emily Stewart move if ever I heard

Emily: STDs don't just write themselves across a guy's forehead.
Jennifer: I know that. But --
Emily: Hormones got the best of you. I know. I've been there, done

October 5, 2001-(Hal and Emily talk about them dating and how their
jobs would clash, yet they just can't stop kissing)
Hal: I gotta tell ya, I'm by the book.
Emily: I love throwing the book away.
Hal: I could wind up arresting you one of these days.
Emily: Yeah, but if I keep you off my front pages, it could cost me my

October 15, 2001-(Emily talking to Hal after Margo caught her searching through files on her desk)
Hal: You really shouldn't rifle through her desk, Em.
Emily: Hal, please, Margo can sit on it and rotate

(Emily is upset that Hal cancelled a date so quickly without giving her
a reason, and for doing it over the phone)

Hal: I did not drop you.
Emily: Really? What would you call it? "Hi, Em, not tonight. Sorry,
Em." Click. Bye.

(Emily is more upset with Hal when she finds out the reason Hal
cancelled was because of Barbara)
Emily: Oh, Barbara, I should have known. When St. Barbara nails herself to the cross, then suddenly I'm "Emily who?"

(Emily wishes Hal would stand up to Barbara and stop running to her,
because sometimes she needs a shoulder to cry on)
Hal: I wish you wouldn't look at it that way. What is this, a
Are you even trying to understand?
Emily: Yeah, I am. And you know what I see? Two people who say they
care an awful lot about each other standing face-to-face, almost touching, not quite getting there. And you know why? Because you're still only available to the woman who kicked you and your kids out of her life for a guy who's not good enough to shine your shoes.

October 16, 2001-(Emily goes over to Fairwinds to see Barbara and tell her what she thinks about the way she is treating Jennifer and Will)
Emily: The front door was locked, so I tried the patio.
Barbara: Get out.
Emily: Is Paul around?
Barbara: You are forbidden to speak his name in my presence.
Emily: Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul.

Emily: You know the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes"? You see, I
think you're pulling the same thing. I think I'm the only one in this town
who can see that you're not the martyr you're pretending to be. So I'm telling you, get over yourself, lady! And stop using that veil as a license to hurt people.

Barbara: My children are not your concern!
Emily: Oh, don't play the mother lion with me. You gave up those kids
for Craig Montgomery without batting an eyelash.

(Emily lets Barbara know that her and Hal have gotten close)
Emily: I think you need a little update, Barbara. You see, your son and
I didn't work out, but your ex-husband and I are doing just swell.

Emily: You left quite a disaster area, lady. Will can barely pick his
head up anymore because he thinks it's his fault you're so miserable. And
Jennifer -- Jennifer can't do anything except just stand in at home while
you're here licking your wounds in this glorified mummy case.(referring
to Fairwinds)

(Hal comes in after hearing Emily and Barbara arguing)
Hal: Hold it, hold it! Is what Barbara said right? Did you actually break in here?
Emily: Yeah, but the patio door was open, so technically it's not
breaking in.

Barbara: Would you please escort your new friend out of my home?
Emily: Barbara, why don't you try opening up a drape? A little sunlight
might brighten your disposition

October 17, 2001-(Jennifer picks up on the tension between Hal and
Jennifer: Are you guys okay? You seemed a little bit intense earlier.
Emily: Oh, no, no, no. Everything's okay. We thrive on intense.

(Jennifer asks Emily what she would do about Billy if she were in her

Emily: Slow down. Slow down. What do you want to do?
Jennifer: I don't know. What would you do?
Emily: What would I -- you don't wanna know what I'd do.

(Hal just can't believe Jennifer is lying to him about having sex with
someone so Emily helps him out with it)

Emily: You know, you've got your own virginity to lose. Oh, you have so
much to learn about women, Hal Munson.
Hal: Will you quit making this thing about me, Emily?! This is about
you taking my daughter to a -- that kind of a doctor.
Emily: Gynecologist, Hal. Say the word. Gynecologist.

Emily: Oh, I get it. You think your perfect little princess never even
heard of sex until I infected her.
Hal: I think the timing's pretty interesting.
Emily: Oh, what am I, some pied piper of carnal delight? This is
unbelievable! I get slapped for taking an interest in your kids, and your
ex-wife gets treated with kid gloves for ignoring them!

(Emily doesn't like feeing like she can't speak her mind when it comes
to Barbara and Hal's kids, or help out with them)

Emily: I will not be your little safe place, somewhere for you to go to
soothe your pain. Some freaking lifesaver! What do I get out of any of
this?! What do I ever get out of this?! Nothing! Nothing! Well, you
know what? You can keep it! You can stuff it, Hal Munson!

(Hal can tell Emily is not telling him something about Jennifer's new
sex life)

Emily: So you're her father. How would you feel if she was butting her
nose into your business, asking your friends who you were sleeping with?

(Emily is referring to her night of romance with Hal which they had
after an intense argument, and they are starting to get into another one about Jennifer)
Emily: Can we stop, please? Can we just stop this nonsense? You need to take me home. 'Cause I got a feeling the gloves are gonna come off, and -- well, we already know where that leads, so --
October 23, 2001-(Emily comes over to Carly's to look for Craig and
tell him about Bryant's car accident but finds out he isn't there and already

Carly: He isn't here.
Emily: "Isn't here" as in "not here" or "not here, hiding in another room" not here?

(Emily reminds Carly about how her life has made her paper once or
Carly: I do have my standards, Emily.
Emily: Yeah, well, I've made a killing on your standards, Carly

(After Bryant's death, Emily says she will stay and watch Parker if
Carly wants to go see Craig)

Carly: Really? Well, that would be a good idea. Then you could snoop
around my whole apartment.
Emily: Oh, Carly, like you have any secrets left to find

October 26th, 2001-(Emily is giving Hal an opportunity to get out of
their relationship if he wants since Barbara made a leap forward with their family)

Emily: Once was, but that could change. Admit it, it could change. You
know, that phone could ring, and it could be Barbara, Miss three times isn't quite the charm, so let's -- let's go for four, Hal

(Carly comes over to get Parker and her and Emily talk about Em's
insecurities regarding Hal)
Carly: In case you didn't know, that good guy is completely nuts about
Emily: Yeah, he's nuts, all right.

November 2, 2001-(Hal reacts to finding out Emily knew about Jennifer and Billy's affair)
Hal: Jennifer needed someone. And you're right. So thank you for
respecting her privacy and her confidence and for surprising me, because who knew that Emily Stewart could keep a secret?
Emily: I suppose there's hope for us all, huh?



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