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This is a fan site dedicated to Jon Hensley and his wife Kelley Menighan Hensley who protray Holden Snyder and Emily Stewart Munson on As the World Turns.

We at Hensley World are fans, like you, who want to bring all the information together in the form of biography's, credits, articles, links, pictures, news updates and appearances and share it with you. 
So please sit back and enjoy the site and if you have any information about Kelley and Jon that you would like to contribute, feel free to email us (check the contact page for further info), you will be given full credit. 

Kelley and some of her ATWT cast members will be walking for the
March of Dimes again this year(2004), please support them and the great
cause by going to www.walkamerica.org/thehensleyteam

Jon's autograph

Come back and check us out, as this site will be updated on a regular basis when new things come out.
Last Update-
December  27,2004
November 2002 -2003

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This site is an unofficial site, it is run by fans for fans of Kelley and Jon.  We are not associated with either one, ATWT, CBS or P&G.  Thank you.